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Welcome to The Copywriting Cafe – a virtual place for us to meet, have an imaginary cup of coffee (or whatever you may fancy) and talk copywriting. I’m Malene (pronounced May-lean) and I’ve been a writer my entire career. While I’m a Hamilton copywriter right now, I haven’t always lived in Hamilton. I serve the entire GTA and Toronto area, but I also serve clients in the US and England. Yes, The Copywriting Cafe is an international service – with just a few clicks and emails.

So, what can I do for you? Well, that really depends on what you are looking for. Being a freelancer in Hamilton, I’m able to serve several clients at once as I work with companies in different time zones. If you are wondering whether I’m ideal for the job, keep scrolling. I’ll give you some good reasons why hiring a freelance copywriter is the best option for your business, why I’m the right person for the job, and what I can offer you. Oh, and don’t take my word for it. Read some testimonials from some raving clients below!

Why Hire a Freelance Copywriter Writer

If you are asking yourself why you should hire a freelancer instead of hiring a permanent employee for your business, I have the answers right here. There isn’t just one right answer. You can save money, time, and by using freelancers, you will find yourself working ON your business, not FOR your business. See what just happened there? Yes, a copywriter takes the “boring” writing work and turns your message and brand into intriguing copy that truly represents you and your business.

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My Approach

You may have heard advice from fellow co-workers or friends, telling you that you need to hire a copywriter. While you may have thought that you can do the writing yourself, that the words will come to you…did they? Probably not. So, what does a copywriter do? And why do you need one?

A copywriter helps you craft the message that your customers will be reading. A copywriter conducts research, writes the copy, and edits the content that you have for your business. Can’t think of any? Think of your website, articles that you post on your website for marketing purposes, emails that you send to customers and/or leads, and anything you post on social media. Think about branded content, ghostwriting, book writing, printed advertisements, and so forth. Literally, everything marketing, branding, and voice-related text can be perfected by a copywriter.

Here’s another MAJOR point that entrepreneurs and business owners miss: Google. Bing. Yahoo. And your business is nowhere to be found. Copywriters should understand the power of search engine optimization and how to make your website go from page 5 (or worse) to page 1 of search results. Not being found online could be the death of your business. That’s why I’ve specialized in online writing.

Here’s my approach when I work with clients to get the best results.

Listen and Learn: What’s the Project?

I may be a copywriter, but my work is pointless if I don’t understand what it is you want. My approach involves listening and learning about your business, your goals, your values and your desires with the given copy project at hand. What are we doing? What are we striving for? What’s the ultimate goal? Listening provides a great foundation for a successful project.

Finding Your Voice: Branding and Consistency

As I’m learning about your business, your products, your solutions and all kinds of details, I’ll start to see a voice come through. It’s one that you have nailed down or it’s one you are still striving to find. Whatever I write needs to fit into your existing brand or company voice, so learning everything about your business persona or brand is a top priority and a huge part of my approach with clients.

Best Results: Action, Action, Action!

Effective copywriting often has a major purpose – it must lead to some sort of action. The best result is when people take action after reading the copy, whether it’s buying a project, signing up for an email newsletter, or sell their car to help save the environment. Whatever we are trying to achieve, it must be actionable! I don’t simply write to charge you for a word count. One major part of crafting the best copy is spending a great deal of time figuring out the best actionable copy for your readers.

Due Diligence: Why Is It Important?

The copy is done. The words are powerful. There’s a call to action. Now, it’s time for due diligence. While grammar, spelling, sentence structure and all that good stuff is a huge part of editing and doing my due diligence as a writer, it’s also important to look at the bigger picture: why are we doing this? Why is this copy so important? Is this super important for your business to stay afloat? Are you seeking more clients to expand your business? Do you want your website to convert on its own? It’s time to go through the copy with a fine-tooth comb to make sure everything little word shines.

The Best Level Of Service

I strive for the best level of service everytime with every project. There’s no need to sugarcoat it. I’m an overachiever and a perfectionist, which may be why people are so thrilled with my results. While we agree on a deadline, I strive to deliver to you before the deadline so we aren’t delayed with any project because of minor adjustments. Of course, earthquakes and tornadoes not included.

Why Work With Me

Now that you know what a freelance copywriter can do for you and how I approach every project that I work on, it’s time to learn more about me. So, who am I? My name is Malene (pronounced May-lean) and I started my writing career in a Starbucks on the east side of Toronto, Ontario way back in 2009.

My academic background includes an Honours Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature with minor concentrations in Philosophy and Modern Languages (German) that I completed in 2007. A few months later, I began a two-year journey to complete my Master’s Degree in Psychology of Language Use, where I wrote my thesis on online communication and credibility in copywriting.

I have diplomas in Art Appreciation, Photography, and Interior Design, and certifications in PR and business marketing, and business coaching. Did I mention that I’m also an award-winning public speaker?

Check out some of my other award nominations below.

Malene Jorgensen

Books About Writing

My copywriting portfolio doesn’t fall solely on my awards and academic experience. In fact, my clients and my published writings have played a huge role in my success as a freelancing copywriter.

Between 2012 and 2015, I wrote eight books about various online topics including blogging, social media marketing, book publishing, and web design. In 2018, I started writing again and these books are just some of the books that create my large copywriting portfolio. To see all published books, explore the Books page by clicking here.

Raving Clients

My clients are my pride and joy and they help me form the foundation for The Copywriting Cafe. Each client is different in terms of needs and requirements, so I really can’t compare them. However, I can reveal that the selected clients represent my broad skills in copywriting. Here, you will find anything from podcast show notes and web development to journalistic articles for news websites. You will also find copywriting for fitness websites, sales funnels, and list content. The range of readership includes everything from 10,000+ downloads for audio content to 10 million readers per month for article-based sites.

Copywriting Cafe Menu Items

Just like a brick and mortar cafe, The Copywriting Cafe also has a delicious menu to choose from. Our set menu contains our packages, which are billed monthly. If you need continuous services, then you want to read through this sections. You can get specific packages, such as daily articles, or you can get the whole bundle if you are looking for a copywriter to represent your business online.

The Blog Content Package

This package is perfect for you if you are busy running your business but your online presence is being neglected. Together, we come up with a list of topics every month that really help put your business on the map. I’ll create these articles (refer to my approach above) and make sure the articles are SEO optimized. Within a few months, you’ll have over 100 articles on your website and you can use them repeatedly to market your business!

Price per month: $1,000+

Social Media Manager

Your website is the online storefront of your business. But people don’t always just find your website as often as we would want. Therefore, we have to go where people hang out – social media. In this package, you get the 20 articles per month as offered in the Blog Content package, but you also get three teasers per article to use when you share your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram – whatever networks you use for your business! These are customized and optimized to ensure maximum reach.

Price per month: $1,500+

Website and Email Marketing

While your website and social media presence are both very important, email marketing is also key to your business success. In this Website End Email Marketing package, we will work together to create 10 articles per month for your business and a maximum of two sales-letter length emails for your mailing list. If you don’t have an email list, the first month of this package can be used to set one up and create an enticing opt-in.

Price per month: $1,000+

The Whole Package

If you are running an online business, you want to be very present online. But that can be tough when you also have to attend networking events, package your product, mail them out – and have a life outside of your business. In this comprehensive package, I’ll help you keep your website active. You get 20 articles per month, social media updates for those articles, and newsletters for your business. This package starts at $3,000 but can be customized to fit your needs.

Price per month: $3,000+ (You save at least $500/per month!)

A la Carte Offerings

Sometimes you don’t want something from the menu. You crave something the chef has whipped up just for you. Here at The Copywriting Cafe, you can ask the chef for customized services. Below, you will find the a la carte menu.

SEO in web copy and articles

Effective SEO methods are crucial in all of your written content. If your website and blog posts aren’t employing the newest SEO methods, you may never be discovered online. If you feel your articles and website content needs a refresher to ensure your SEO is on-point, this is the menu item for you.

Price: $100/hour

Website copy/planning

Maybe you are brand new to the online business game and you don’t have a website. Maybe you need help planning it because your cousin can help you build it. Or maybe you have no idea what to include. If you need some website copy for your new website or need help planning the best layout – or both – this is the service for you.

Price: $100/hour

Blog marketing and strategy

A blog post isn’t just a blog post. You don’t write about your feelings or thoughts. A blog is a sales tool to help drive more sales to your business. Therefore, article writing is a skill. If your website doesn’t have a blog to drive sales or if your current blog has gone stale, explore this service to jump start it again.

Price: $100/hour

Journalistic/evergreen articles

Are you running a news website or a website that presents informative, educational or motivational content? My journalistic article writing services are available to website owners who are looking to add a writer to the team. The price can be hourly or per piece, depending on the topics in question.

Price: $100/hour


Sometimes, you just need some copy written. It could be a refresher of your “About” page, some text for a brochure, or maybe you are creating a PowerPoint presentation. Or maybe you are going to be doing a keynote speech, but have no idea where to start. This service covers all thing copywriting.

Price: $100/hour

Marketing materials/sales funnels

Marketing copy is powerful. It pushes people to take action and possibly even result in people flocking to buy your products. Marketing materials and sales funnels are becoming more popular online and it’s all about being creative. If you have a brilliant idea or need to brainstorm some news and then execute those ideas, this is the service for you.

Price: $100/hour

Social media copy/strategy

Your social media pages are supposed to drive traffic back to your website, so it’s important that your social media posts are strategic, optimized for the networks you are posting on, and know how to get people to act. If you find that responses are lackluster to your current efforts, this is the service for you.

Price: $100/hour

Ghostwriting/book writing

Are you looking to write a book, a speech or something else with your name on it – but you have no idea where to start? Ghostwriting is a huge industry and allows professionals, entrepreneurs, and other career-focused individuals to publish books without ever writing one themselves. If you want to write a book but can’t write, this is the service for you.

Price: $100/hour

Consulting on copy/web strategy

Did you pay a web designer to write your copy? Do you find that your copy is currently lacking or not representing you? And do you want to write your own copy, because it’s that important to you? Then this strategy service is for you. Let’s have a chat and strategize as to how you can best achieve results with your own web copy.

Price: $100/hour

What People Are Saying

Malene is a true consummate professional with a passion for writing and strong desire to always better herself and the sites she contributes to. A hard worker, Malene goes above and beyond the call of duty with a worth ethic that is second to none!

– Cody Schultz (www.FanSided.com)

Malene is a gifted writer with the ability to naturally optimize content by providing value to the reader. We’ve worked together on multiple projects in a variety of industries including fitness and entertainment. Each time, she’s delivered well researched quality work in a timely manner. I recommend her content writing services to anyone in need of a skilled content writer.

– Michael Schuster (www.inquisitr.com and TAG)

I’ve worked with Malene for several years and know I will continue to count on her expertise in all things entrepreneurship including copywriting and SEO for the foreseeable future. She has saved me time and money on countless occasions by being able to precisely edit, problem-solve and provide direction that I simply couldn’t do without her. I trust her judgment implicitly and highly recommend her services.

– Tamara Hackett, Children’s Book Author (www.TamaraHackett.com)

Malene is great to work with! She definitely knows her stuff when it comes to SEO and content creation. I’ve never known someone who can create as much content as she does in a timely manner. She incredibly professional and friendly while hitting every single deadline and going over and above expectations.

– Shaunee Flowers (MonstersAndCritics.com)

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