Freelance copywriters don’t just sit down, start writing, and hand you a lackluster piece of copy with the hope you’ll be thrilled. A lot goes into crafting the best piece of copy for a business, including research, conversations, and brainstorming. You want something that stands out from your competitors, you want your brand voice to be shining through, you want the copy to rank well in search engines, and most importantly, you want your customer or potential leads to swoon over your content.

This is a tall order for any business person trying to run a business, write articles, get leads, be active on social media, write sales pages, create products, network, sign deals…well, you get the point. A copywriter can take a huge amount of that work so you can work ON your business, not FOR your business. You want to work to bring your business ahead in the market, not feel like a constant employee all the time. Whatever happened to being the boss?

As you can tell from the My Approach section of the homepage, I always strive to learn everything I can about your business and that includes nailing your brand voice. I want you to feel confident in the fact that I’ll keep up everything you’ve worked so hard to create. Consistency is my goal. Your brand is important. Voice is everything. And all of that has to come together to create exciting copy that creates results for you and your business. That’s where I come in.

If you find yourself working more in your business as an employee, it may be time to get a freelance copywriter on the case so you can start doing those things that are important to growing your business.

Reach out today to see how I can help you reach your copywriting goals, so your business can thrive!