Over the past couple of years, the grammar police appear to have come out in full force on the internet. You can’t publish a single tweet with a spelling mistake without someone reminding you that you’ve made a mistake. And it’s particularly painful on Twitter because you can’t go back and edit the tweet. Either you delete the tweet, or you leave it up for all to see.

While no one is perfect and mistakes do happen, they shouldn’t happen often. Freelance copywriters should be well-trained in their craft and they understand the importance of impeccable grammar, spelling, and everything else involved in writing. Throughout my career, grammar has been huge. Whenever I write my books, I have to have perfect grammar and spelling. I was reminded daily throughout my 6 years of university that grammar and spelling mean everything. Check out more about my education here.

Here’s the thing about grammar and spelling. If you have the slightest mistake, people won’t take you seriously. No matter how perfect your product or service is, people won’t be convinced to buy from you. If you couldn’t take the time to get a copywriter to help you out, why would you give your product more attention? If you don’t care to give your customers a website without spelling mistakes, how do they know that you care enough to give them a product or service that actually works?

Even though that may seem extreme, it’s all about those first impressions. We have to mention it, but it comes up all the time. First impressions are important and spelling mistakes or poor grammar is a deal breaker most of the time.

If you feel that you need a copywriter to check over your website and give it a fresh new feel – with grammar perfection – then reach out to The Copywriting Cafe today!